Too Late To Change

By Etho Wakilongo
Etho Wakilongo's stories
To late to be changed by Etho

Too Late To be Changed by ETHO

Ella was awake and prepared to head the farm even though it was still early in the morning.

”Ella, Ella, open the gate!” They shouted.
Ella opened the gate, only to find two gentlemen holding swords pointing at her.
”What are you still doing here?” they shouted at her.
”What is it? Is there any problem?” Ella, full of fear on her face, she asked.
” You return to your village, as soon as we order you!” They shout at her loudly.,”
”But how?” she asked in remorse. “I don’t even know who you are,” she added.
“Hurry up and find the way, as in twenty-four hours you should be right there; otherwise, you and your entire generation will still suffer.” they replied with anger.

Ella fled in remorse,upon being told that they were sent by her ancestors and that was not the time for questions, rather she should save her life, and go somewhere she didn’t recognize. Ella was a girl who came from a single parent family. Her mother was doing some housework of cleaning in various houses for her and her family to earn money. One day, when she was on her way in search of work, she came across the most gorgeous house she had ever seen in that village. She was about to knock when she suddenly found herself facing another direction.

“ Ouch, what is it?” she asked herself.
“ Was I not knocking on certain houses, or were they my thoughts?” she brushed it off and continued her way but her face seemed amazed.
After some steps, that house appeared again in her sight.
”Wow, this is the house I was thinking about, and it is exactly like the one in my mind. It had doors closed and colored in white with pink windows and doors and pink flowers all around here. Yes, it is this one.“she comfirmed.
“ But the only difference is that on this the door is already opened.” she added.
“ Is God trying to show me that all chances of me getting a job are open?” she reasoned as she walked in.

While entering, she was driven to a very cute and energetic man whom she adored, and she immediately began experiencing a sudden change in oxygen consumption, potentially cause her hands to wiggle.Her eyes became as drowsy as those of someone waking up as she lost her balance and they were only in air. Overall, every part of her body prepared and became active for any activity, as evidenced by the sudden change in her eyes. Fortunately, the two of them had a connected and automatic response as the man stepped toward the direction of the young, pretty woman. When he kissed her upper lip, she closed her eyes and felt his presence. They all embarrass each other, and Ella’s life begins to take shape at this point.

Afterward, The man told her to close her eyes and open them later because she was in for a big surprise as she was about to leave.Immediately after opening her eyes she found herself in a forest. Where there were no people, no animals, only trees and rocks, Ella’s mother regretted her actions as well as her feelings and stayed there until she was ready to give birth to ella. Afterward, they found a way out of there and moved to a village known as Kwacha. They lived there for many years, until the death of her mother. While she was grieving the death of her mother, it was during the night that she heard a voice calling.

” We need you back,” they said.
”Who are you?” she asked.
”We are your ancestors, and we need you to return from your inheritance. “They replied.

Ella tried to figure out that voice, and what it meant. Nevertheless, she could not find the meaning, and that is when she moved from that village to the next. She has been a refugee in various villages in search of peaceful heart as well as soul, but she has not found it. This is what has been happening to her. While she was running, she met an old woman who told her that,

“you and your entire generation will always suffer in other lands due to the convenient decisions made by your mother.”
”Can I not change it?” She asked.
”No, it is too late to change.” She replied and disappeared.
Ella cried endlessly, she moved on and asked for help from various people but she could not find any; she thought of more possible ways to alter the malediction upon them with her entire generation, like going to the witch doctors but it did not help. She experiences rejection from people around her and every thing she was doing like searching for work as well as house for accommodation,but she did not succeed and this is what portrayed that the sufferings are yet to start. Afterward she reached the compromise of killing herself. Ella had no choice. She killed herself in order to save her future generation from pain and suffering. Ella’s life ended from there as well as the consequences foreshadowed for her future generation; she indeed sacrificed herself for not troubling her generation.

25 January, 2023