Tree of War

By Amparo

There was a tree which stood tall. It had long thick branches and bright green leaves. The birds would come from far-away places to sit on its branches and build their nests and sing their songs. It was a beautiful, huge tree that shared a strong bond with the people who enjoyed its shade.

The tree had been standing for many centuries. People would come from far and near to sit close to the tree and breathe its fresh air, to meet new friends and discuss what concerned them. They loved the tree. Children gathered the leaves to make crowns on their heads, playing “King” around the tree, climbing the trunk, and swinging on its branches. People liked to sleep beside it, for the fresh air.

As time went by, the neighbouring city became jealous of the beauty of the tree and the happiness it gave the people, so they wanted to make it theirs. But the people where the tree stood refused.

One day the neighbouring city sent soldiers and there was a battle. It was fierce and lasted for six months, because the people resisted. The soldiers fought by hand, and then with bombs, guns, and tanks until everything was shattered.

The tree that stood for centuries was destroyed, its trunk shattered by the war. The residents were sad, and they cried that they could no longer sit around the tree and take the fresh air there again.

Children could not play around nor climb the branches, and the birds could no longer build their nests, just circle and fly away into the empty sky. They flew to far-away cities and other trees, to sit, sing, swing and build their nests, and the people near the trees were happy.

16 February, 2023