True Love in My Life

By Angelique Kwizera

I never thought I would find true love after my ex-boyfriend dumped me. I regret that I gave him access to my body by having sex with him but he never respected me or cherished the moment we had together. My ex-boyfriend decided to dump me because of other girls that he was flirting with. When I found out that he was asking out other girls, he never apologized but he decided to dump me. This is the moment I imagined my life falling apart. I cried for two days while regretting why I allowed such an evil person in my life. I reached to a point of thinking about committing suicide but thanks to my best friends who were always there for me, who gave me hope. I thank them so much because I am alive because of them.

My life turned sweet when I met the love of my life. After completing my secondary school, I met a guy called Steven. I got to know Steven the time I went to visit my best friend, Naomi. Him and Naomi are cousins. Steven always treated me nicely whenever I was at my best friend’s home. I asked myself why he was being nice to me and I could not get an answer. I started figuring out that he is a sweet guy due to how he was treating me. Steven could bring me some juice even if I did not ask for it. Even if I could say that I do not feel like taking juice, he could insist that I take at least one sip. I started trusting him due to how sweet he was to me even if there was nothing big that was going on between us.

After six months, Steven started showing signs of wanting me to be his woman. Since I already knew him for a good time, my instincts could tell me that he is right for me. I could feel love again every time I was around Steven. One day, he approached me when I was going to the market with my friends. I like calling him Steve because it sounds sweet and romantic to me. This is the time I felt shy like never before. Steven is a straight guy and he didn’t hesitate to tell me how beautiful I am and he wouldn’t wait to make me his wife. This is how it went the time he approached me on the road.

Steve: Hey Angel! (With a smiling face). You look so nice, where are you going?

Me: Hi! (With a surprised face). I am going to the market (I replied with a shy face).

Steve: (With a smiling face) Should I escort you?

Me: (I nodded my head left to right) No… We will go together next time.

Steve: (Calmly) But I cannot leave you without telling you how beautiful you are and how I cannot wait to make you my wife. (With a smiling face) Please, accept my proposal and you shall never regret it.

Me: (With a shy face) Thank you and I appreciate it but I have to think about it.

Steve: (Nodded his head) Yeah… Take your time please… See you later.

Me: (I smiled) Thank you for understanding. Bye…

Steve: Sure (Smiling) Byeee…

As a girl with principles, I told him that I will think about it but in my heart, I could say that I met the love of my life. I was suspicious of him due to the bad experience that I had with my ex-boyfriend. It was hard for me to trust a person anymore. I came to start trusting him due to the love he kept showing even if I could somehow try not to show that I am interested. Steven never stopped coming home to check on me everyday until I said yes to him. He made me forget about my ex-boyfriend due to his love and care that he shows every day. I am now happily engaged to Steven and we both cannot wait to get married and enjoy our life together as a family.

24 February, 2023