Unborn Child Out of the Womb

By Ellen Kabango

My heart pains for my aunty, Racheal, who has been enduring challenges throughout her pregnancy. It’s a distressing situation that fills me with endless sadness when I think about it. Racheal frequently shares her worries and concerns with me, telling me about the threat of charms being used against her unborn child. There are times when she does not feel the kicks of her precious baby during the night, which makes her think her precious baby already has left her womb.

In an attempt to untie this mysterious suffering, her husband decided to seek guidance from traditional healers. He believed charms had been cast upon my vulnerable aunty that make her face difficulties throughout her pregnancy. When they visited the traditional doctor, we became even more concerned, because they told us she was charmed and the solution was going to be hard. According to the traditional doctor, a neighbor had bewitched her and intended to prevent her from having a safe and smooth childbirth.

The weight of this exposure made my aunty visit the sacred space known as Kachipinda Kopempheleramo, where dedicated individuals offer prayers specifically for people with big problems like my Aunty’s. This local room is filled with spirituality and hope. It has become a sanctuary for my aunty and I am happy for her. This is a place where she seeks strength and divine intervention to overcome the forces she believes are working against her.

I can’t express enough how passionately I wish for my aunt’s recovery and well-being during childbirth and after. The love and concern I hold for her are endless because she is like a mother to me. The thought of losing her is too awful to even think about. I can’t imagine a world without her presence and warmth.

My deepest desire is to see my aunty stronger and healthier, and ready to embrace the joys of motherhood. I’m sure the strength of our collective support and our firm belief in her ability to overcome these difficulties will help her reach her destination safely. We are a family united in love, determination, and in the conviction that together we can overcome any obstacle. Though the witch doctor revealed everything, I believe that the only power that can make my aunty deliver safely comes from heaven.

2 November, 2023