Unpopular Opinion

By Ronald Mwaka
Unpopular opinion

Unpopular Opinion

Koch is a small African country located in east Africa,with a population of about twenty million citizens. It is located along the equator and practices capitalism as its political system. The Current Government in the country has been in power for over three decades, and the people have become increasingly dissatisfied with their leadership full of corruption, human right violation and nepotism which is widespread in the country, whereby the country’s resources are being misused for personal gain by a few in high and powerful positions.

Ageno is a young potential,outspoken lady,She is one of the few who speaks against this and is always eloquent about her unpopular opinion regarding the ruling Government. She is a Highly Educated Political Scientist who strongly believes in Democracy and the need for change in the Politics of her Country.

Ageno’s unpopular opinion has made her a big target since she acts as a voice to the voiceless in the ruling Government. In one of her rallies at the counties independence square attended by thousands of the youth and elders, she said “We live in a country where young ladies who have attained puberty can not afford sanitary pads but our men and women in public offices have Ipads which they do not know even how to use” . This was a big motivation to the youth that encouraged them to be more involved in such social action. Among other things, Ageno organized public engagements where the people talk freely and discuss their challenges.

This has been ignored by the politicians, she does fundraising events for local hospitals to fight against maternal mortality and also organizes public rallies. She frequently faces threats, harassment, and her life is always in danger; at one point, she was arrested on trumped up charges of treason and detained for over two weeks without trial, under severe treatment like torture and no meals.
However, she has remained steadfast, undeterred and continued to speak out against the injustices perpetrated by the regime knowing that she is not a criminal but a true patriot motivated by the potential of a democratic future of Koch and the Freedom of its people, a society where social services are delivered to the last person without minding about their political affiliation and tribe.

One day, Ageno received a call from a prominent Opposition leader who frequently loved her opinion against injustice in the ruling Government. The opposition leader was impressed with her patriotic endeavours for her country and encouraged her to contest in one of the positions in the upcoming Elections.

At first she was hesitant knowing that running for that position would put her life at risk, and was not sure if she was ready to make that sacrifice like her career, time for family and personal privacy. However, because of her love for her country and being a voice to the voiceless she took up the position in the upcoming Elections.

Ageno’s campaign was unlike others. Her manifesto was outstanding whereby she pointed out the need for a new political system that would be accountable to the people, the importance for the youth to participate in politics and the need for more women to be represented in Government.
Despite the challenges she faced, Ageno’s campaign gained momentum. The people of Koch were inspired by her manifesto and important points she tabled that made the masses believe that change was on the horizon. However, the ruling Government was not about to give up without a fight.

On the day of the election, Ageno’s supporters came in large numbers to cast their vote. Nonetheless, there were reports of vote rigging and intimidation of her supporters in some particular areas though she emerged victorious with a slim margin of votes.
Ageno’s victory was a turning point for Koch. For the first time in decades, the country had a new government that was accountable to the people. In their first year, schools and hospitals were constructed in each sub county, suggestion boxes were placed in public places to get peoples opinions, there was a reduction in human right violation and increased participation of women in the politics and decision making of Koch.

24 April, 2023