“We were in distress” from the poetry book “We will Fly higher”

By Parwana Amiri
Poetry book "We Will Fly Higher"

In a dark scary night
As the moon was smiling
In the middle of the sea
We were in distress

My mother was crying
Scared for us all
In that angry rough sea
We were in distress

Time was passing slowly
Seconds were counted
Danger was alerting us
we were in distress

Stars were sparkling
Water was all around
Babies were all crying
We were in distress

Thousands of dreams in the sea
Many courages were put to the test
To reach safety, crossing the sea
We were in distress

Some holes in our rubber dinghy
Let the water in slowly
We took both our shoes off
We were in distress

We searched for something
Nothing around to
Throw the water out of the dinghy
We were in distress

Our hearts were pulsing hard
Our eyes were getting wet
We were sinking
We were in distress

The final moments were upon us
We reached the shore
Exhausted, alone, distressed
We reached Europe

Autor’s footnote:
This poem is written to describe the scene of me and other refugees in a dinghy, trying to reach Europe. In their last effort to cross the Aegean Sea, there were many people in one boat and it was a dangerous, terrifying night. The water was coming in the rubber boat and we were trying to throw it away. I like the power of poetry to express the scenes I have experienced as a refugee.

It is important to remember that as you read this poem many are still trying to pass borders and put their lives in a rubber boat, with the aim of reaching safety. (25/09/2020)

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23 January, 2023