What Is a Home?

By Fareshta Amiri

What is a home?
This is our base, our favorite place
Our beginning and end to each day
This is our space. Each corner is laced
It’s our triumph and glory that these walls tell stories
We talk, we laugh
This is our family loving
A home can be big or small
Near or far
Distance doesn’t matter
Wherever we are
Our shelter, our happiness
When I lay wide awake in my own bed
I see the stars in the sky
by drawing my dreams
I follow my wishes to reach my stars
and never forget
How art brings us joy
A home can be where we’re safe
A place where we relax
A home can share joy, peace and light
With Family, friends and dear ones
It’s brick and wood
It’s made of great blocks of stone
1 kitchen, 2 bedrooms
Appropriate for our family
I see my family keeping each other strong
It gives me energy when I look at them
Calmness calls me, Comfort invites me
when Loneliness leaves me
I am not hidden, I am free to fly
Not to go far
I am here to describe




22 February, 2023