What is Wrong

By Mutamba Lotima

Everything is said

to be bitter

But mine never get better

Like Jesus on the cross

I am hanged

Not because I am cursed

But maybe I am not blessed


My tale can’t be tell

For I live the hell

I live in a bin

For I am the waste

I even lack a bean

For I have no pin ( = For I have no money.)

I know not the cause


Believe your ears

Trust your eyes

Identify what is written

On my eyes

I am a pure poor

Who looks like a fool

Poverty is full

Which can be seen

Saying so is not a sin


I regret my birthday

Why can’t I say

Better not be found this way ( = I wish to be buried.)

Than to stay

Carrying cries


Everything I lack

Friends are not back

I wish to leave life I live

For I can’t like life I live

I am filled with pains

But no gains

My face covered with sweat

But no sweet


I am still young

With an old face

For I only live cases ( = For I only live problems.)

I lack what I like


I like what I lack

I know not what is wrong.


I’m living in a desert

Witnessing how life of the hell


The devil closer to me ( devil = poverty )

My unconquered enemy

My life is a battle

That I’m fighting with no army

For I was won

Before I even start fighting

No one can save me

For he can be found

On the same planet with me ( = On the planet

Of unstoppable cries and tears.)





29 September, 2023