Wheel Map

By Matthew Stadler

Wheelmap is a visionary project from Germany, and our role model! Thank you Team Wheelmap for showing how valuable map’s about accessibility can be. We like to think that The GOAT PoL helps anyone whose mobility has been troubled by their social or political standing find their way around the world safely. Kudos to Wheelmap for inspiring us, and note that you can also donate money and keep them thriving, on their webste.

Here’s their about page:

Wheelmap is a map for finding wheelchair accessible places. The map works similar to Wikipedia: Anyone can contribute and mark public places around the world according to their wheelchair accessibility. The criteria for marking places is based on a simple traffic light system:

Green = Fully wheelchair accessible

Orange = Partially wheelchair accessible

Red = Not wheelchair accessible

Places that are not yet marked according to their wheelchair accessibility have a grey marker. They can be marked by anybody quickly and easily. The information that is collected in this way is easy to understand, available free of charge and can be shared freely. Wheelmap.org is based on the free world map OpenStreetMap and shows 180 different types of places. These place types are shown with colored-coded icons. Have a look at the entire list of icons that are currently shown on Wheelmap here. You will find the English terms on the right.

Wheelmap.org is available as a web application and as an app for iPhone and Androidsmartphones.

The map has been translated into 32 languages and works all over the world.”

You can visit the website at https://wheelmap.org

8 August, 2022