While Violence endangers my gender

By Jeanne Muhimundu
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 While Violence endangers my gender


Though I wear fancy happiness, Violence still endangers my gender

Violence is a vintage at my home and it ventures my streets,

Violence strikes the night in my neighborhood and it sharpens the knife for a snare


Though my indignity tints your dignity, you pitiless, still stand tall as if to rob and to rape is to rule, as if a cry in the face of pain, paints an envious event.

Though the time is ripe for my right, you sit back as if disavowing the powerless is a vow

Though the might is not just to placate lives lost amidst the thousands of voices parading the streets of reasoning, the lesson of violence of no love soothe you as if to a benign night but nightmare


Though my right is robbed to prove my concocted consent, I will not mourn in silence but fight in solemn to prove you guilty at that senseless scene

Though your deed engenders my dimming meekness as though to deny virtue is to delight, I shall once sit under my vine and fig tree under which I shall not be frightened

Though you raise walls to displease my plea for justice, I will rise against hurdles to renew the covenant of a just dawn.

2 January, 2023