Willy’s wild ride to Verandah lodge

By Akonkwa Willy
Willy's wild ride to Verandah lodge

“Willy’s Wild Ride to Verandah Lodge”

The Cressida was making for a destination that was 20:45 pm, 20 km to Cressida. Willy’s reckless driving has made him a feared presence on Haste Street. He is known in making dangerous U-turns and driving at high speeds in areas where it is not safe to do so. While he has not caused any accidents yet, many residents worry about the potential danger he poses to them and their loved ones. Some speculate that his use of marijuana may be contributing to his reckless behavior, giving him a false sense of confidence behind the wheel. Despite these concerns, Willy continues to drive in a way that endangers those around him, leaving the residents of Haste Street anxious and fearful whenever they see his car approaching.


Well, he would often take to the backyard toilet of the saloon to have a puff of his joint to satisfy his never quenchable smoke desire. On that very day the raving was scarier than before, life being so precious to risk so cheaply, everyone who was roaming on Dowa hurried to the far end or the road shoulder to make way for the beast, as Cressida was affectionately nicknamed. Fellow drivers would take to the shoulder of the road to avoid prospects of an accident every time the beast flew past in the opposite direction.


Lydia had a habit of thinking about her husband, so she could wait on the veranda looking serious every day. Most close friends believe that is because she missed him, which is why she could not take it anymore. One day Lydia was waiting anxiously for his newly found one night stand at Verandah Lodge. She was married to Joshua, a military Sergeant who had gone out of the country on a tour of duty. Lydia could now be thinking about having someone take care of her. Since she missed the sex life, there was a night that she could think about a guy called Willy; who used to be a close friend. She invited him to the house, and they had a great time together, watching movies and discussing how single life is complicated. Lydia was therefore free and available for social engagements like partying and outing regardless of the time of the day. She was also an ardent lover of ale, with Four Cousins being her favourite Lydia was leaving alone as single, that is why everyone wanted to take her out. Upon their one minute courtship in the saloon, when they met for the second time they had more time to make connection, so this made Willy and Lydia to have feelings for each other, the two had exchanged personal information including that of classified confidence. Willy was now in love with Lydia without thinking about the husband he started being  known for being very quick at his work, smiling and working fast to follow Lydia company,  but on that day in question he took forever to finish planting Lydia’s artificial dreadlocks, a task that is known to take less time than most of the saloon Chores. 


One topic that had generated keen interest for both during their passionate dialogue was baby conceiving.While at the shore relaxing, Willy started talking with Lydia about having sex, and he shared his dream of having a baby with Lydia. Upon hearing that Lydia and Joshua had tried all the prescribed formulas from all sources, be it traditional healers, doctors and prophets in Malawi, without any success for more than 10 years, Thompson was quick to blame it on the firing of blanks by the out of sight soldier man. 


Lydia wanted a baby for a long time; it was impossible, but now it seems like Lydia was thinking that Johua wouldn’t have the biological ability to make her pregnant, this was reasonable for Lydia on planning to have secret sex with Willy and conceive a baby while the husband was not there. He pledged to be the solution to this problem that had haunted Lydia for such a long period of time. Lydia also divulged that her equally frustrated husband had returned to Somalia a week ago upon completion of his Rest and Return time out.


That being the case, the two agreed there was no time to waste at all. While discussing Lydia, she had more thoughts about having a baby with Willy; she has to plan since she knows that her husband is coming soon. Meanwhile, Lydia is assuring her partner that it would not be easy for Joshua to doubt the paternity of the child because he had come with baby-making charms given to him by a certain wizard in Somalia that they had been using during sex before he departed for duty.


It had never occurred to Willy that he pays attention to other ladies. This was extraordinarily unprecedented but he still derived so much interest and passion as he always did with most of his sexual contrabands, Willy stays 200 km away from his work, and sometimes he shows up later at work due to the meeting program, He had always driven the beast at maximum speed and felt the gratification, but on that day in question maximum speed was not enough at all, he impatiently raved it time and again, jumping critical robots, thereby scaring other road users off the road. His state of rush and impatience was beyond any stretch of consciousness. That was insanity. He flew past a road-rooted cluster of people without any sense of inhibition triggering loud screams that got the attention of the patrolling police officers who were roaming by the roadside. Being vehicle free, they could not do much to halt the flouting Cressida driver who continued to cruise fast and furiously, jumping another robot before astonishingly disappearing out of their poor eyesighteyesight. Such was Willy’s surreal level of road risk conduct which tallied with his unchecked and overly wild appetite for women.


The guards who were manning the boom gate of Verandah Lodge were astounded to witness a screaming vehicle pulling up in front of them. Aware of the security protocol, Willy got out of the beast and inquired about the whereabouts of a certain stout lady who goes by the name Lydia. The security personnel ushered him into where his prey for the time was anxiously waiting. As was his norm, Willy never wasted any time by the front office of any hotel, lodge or guest house. He stepped in together with his one minute lover and paid the booking room fee that he had to. In a state of immense pleasure, the two fondled each other as they walked into their booked facility without any measure of shame and regret.


Being as overzealous as usual, Willy enthusiastically wrestled her lover for the night onto the room couch. Out of mutuality, Lydia could not resist the exerted force, but only danced to the pushy tune of his casual bedroom inmate.


One thing that flabbergasted her was Willy’s relentless romance which made it appear as if he was never going to let go of her till the. It got very hot on the couch as the romantic Willy started touching all the sacred places on Lydia’s appetizing body. He passionately stripped her naked, threw her to the bed, jumped onto her with the staunch desire of a teenager making love for the very first time. The passive Lydia was rendered defenseless as the nostalgic Willy started firing from all cylinders. Lydia unleashed a scream that sounded like a shriek. The scream was so vociferous that it may have reached all the corners of Verandah lodge. What remains a mystery is whether it was a result of pain or pleasure.  


27 May, 2023