Woman : Part 1

By Hosna Ghafoori

While I was sitting in the taxi thinking about my daily routine, someone stopped the taxi and shouted “Don’t move!”

I was thinking to myself who this person could be. Was he a thief, trying to kill us? He helped me come back to reality when he opened the door and hit the taxi driver with the handle of his gun. “What is wrong? What are you doing?” I frantically asked. He stared at me a little and turned his head towards the taxi driver. “How did you take her alone? Where is her father or brother?” Yes, he was a member of the government and his problem was me and other women, as usual. I left that scene and walked home,thinking how we women got to this position where we can’t go out alone in the absence of a man?

First of all, a woman is a human being ,a guide and teacher for her family, with the progress of society, her guidance has become universal and she stands next to a man and is his helper. A girl stands next to her father and brother, a woman stands next to her husband and her children, ready to sacrifice her life. If we refer to the distant past, we will get to know this selfless creature more and better, as in the period of the early commune, women fought problems alongside men, and obtained food. They fought with predatory animals, raised children and tried in some way for the survival of the generation. They fought in the trenches in their tribal wars and against the aggression of foreigners but unfortunately, they did not have value and importance in the eyes of men who subjected them to violence. With the advent of Islam, the status of women rose and women were saved from being buried alive, but this patriarchy and misogyny was unfortunately created and planted in the institution of men and did not change as it should, although in the Holy Quran many times for it has been emphasized that men value and respect women, and even where men are mentioned, women are also mentioned. The right has been given and their help and equality has been talked about.

Why woman?

Why do we all think about this creature today? The reason is clear and obvious; Because everything that is placed in isolation becomes questionable and every creature that is pushed aside becomes a cry and is slowly heard.

They pushed the woman aside, unaware of the fact that pushing it aside is detrimental to men, unaware of the fact that not only the work of men is no longer fruitful, but the roots of men will dry up, they will be destroyed and their soil will be left to the wind. Today, women are removed from the society without knowing that tomorrow she will return stronger. Nietzsche says well: ”Whatever does not kill me, makes me stronger.”

But where did this misogyny come from? From the old selfish tribes. The more the illiteracy of men increases, the deprivation of women increases and the more selfishness and superiority seeking of men increases, the misery of women increases more and more.

The rejection of women in our society is the cowardice of men!

In all societies, men ignore the contribution of women, men are monogamous, men have a sense of superiority and this sense will destroy them. God has given many rights to women, the right to have a better life, the right to comfort, the right to freedom, the right to choose, etc.; But these rights are denied and ignored in different ways in different societies. I will not deviate from the goal and the goal is the women of Afghanistan and their removal from the society.

Women and social value

A woman completes society and shapes life. Why did the merciful God create a woman as a mother? Because He gave her the power of education. God made Maryam the mother of Jesus without a husband; because he wanted to show men that a woman can become a mother alone; But a man alone is not a father. A woman is a teacher who teaches a society to live. We have successful doctors, successful engineers, successful lawyers, all women!

The position of women in Afghanistan

A woman cannot be considered a separate entity from human society. As mentioned, the position of women in Afghanistan is the main goal of this work. Unfortunately, in Afghanistan, women do not have a special position that they should have. If we have an opinion about the past, even the distant past, this creation of God did not have freedom and does not have it. From the time when Rabia Balkhi was stabbed by her brother and died for the crime of falling in love, until the later periods of history, especially from the 17th century, the prosperity of the Pashtuns, violence against Ren begins. During the republican period and before that, we are facing patriarchy. Violation of women’s rights, from government offices to private work environments, to families, all express patriarchy in this society. In our society, women have always borne the heavy burden of pain and suffering; They worked while they were on the sidelines, they taught while they were rejected. The obtained percentages show that 10% of the heads of government departments were women and the rest were men. From the presidency to the lowest offices, heavy and tiring work has always been on women’s shoulders, women had to be on time until the end of work time, while men are always late to work and would leave the workplace early. In universities, women’s rights were always trampled; Most academic activities were carried out by women, and administrative work was also done by women. This issue is obvious today, that in the absence of women, the work in these departments and universities has reached the minimum level.

If we pass the republic, we will reach the Taliban period, a period that is violent and painful. A period that has become known as misogyny. The Taliban are the ones who progressed with oppression and struggle, and it seems that their food is the blood of the society and that’s it. Women are fed up in this period; Because they are tortured more than men, mental and physical tortures.

6 September, 2023