Wrong Choices During Adolescent

By Angelique

I find the world to be hilarious when I consider the events that are taking place here. There is a high school girl aged 20 in Dowa who is acting in a way that parents are not pleased with. She has been dating a married man since 2022 even while knowing that the man has a family. When she is asked about why she does that, she says that it is because of money. A lot of friends have been advising the girl to stop going out with someone’s man but she cannot listen to them. Things became worse when the wife of that man found out that her husband had been cheating on her with the high school girl.

In January 2023, the wife decided to meet the high school girl on the road and warn her to leave her husband. This was a bad idea since they ended up fighting while a crowd was watching. Three men from the crowd came out to stop the fight but the woman said to the high school girl that she will come back for her if she does not leave her husband alone. The woman left and went back to her place. When she asked her husband about the girl, he denied it.

It is funny that the husband denied that he was cheating on his wife yet the next day after his wife fought with the girl, he asked the girl to meet him at the hotel. When the girl went to the hotel, the man started telling her that he loves her so much and he wants her, not his wife. This made the girl lose her senses and she slept with him again. As usual, he reached into his bag and gave the high school girl money. The married man promised the girl that his wife will never come to cause a fight again because he will deal with her once he gets home.

The wife of the man saw that the situation was getting worse since her husband is still cheating and decided to commit suicide. Unfortunately, the girl got pregnant by that married man. When she went to the hospital, she learned that she is HIV positive. She cried a lot and was so confused. The doctors advised her on how to take medication and protect the baby but she never listened. She decided to end her life. Her parents found her hanging in her room. The high school girl’s funeral was the most painful funeral that has happened in the village of Lumbadzi. People still do not believe that the girl could ruin her life just because of money.

16 March, 2023