You broke my heart, your friend fixed it

By Jasmine Kabanga

Janette and Daniel were a very happy couple. They met in high school, when Janette was 16 and Daniel was 17.


They strongly loved each other, and they were part of the most envious couple in high school. Every person dreamed of being in a relationship like that of Janette and Daniel.


A very happy, patient, romantic, sweet, and, above all, very simple couple. They were always there to support each other and watch over each other like an organized and loving couple.


Daniel was a very calm, wise, compassionate, and above all, very intelligent man. In his class, he was nicknamed the nerd because he was always the first in his class, and he was also captain of his football team. He lived in a wealthy family, and he was the eldest in his family. His father was a businessman and his mother a lawyer. He had a brother and two little sisters; they were a very happy family and supported each other.


Once, Daniel was attacked by some guys in his class because he was dating the most beautiful girl in high school (Janette).


Janette, a very beautiful, kind, tender, and above all social girl, was the kind of girl who liked to put everyone at ease; she always wanted to see the people around her happy. She was a girl with a lot of principles and always saw the good side of things and people; in a way, she was a bit naive, I would say.


She was a girl who had not grown up in good conditions, but she still had hope of seeing the light one day in her life. Her father had died when she was 7 years old, and it was her mother who had taken care of her since her father’s death. Life was not easy for her and her mother, but at least her mother had done the impossible for her only daughter. Her mother worked as a servant in a rich family, and every evening she would come home and tell her daughter how rich people live, how they eat, talk, dress, and do other things. Her mother was always positive and always saw the good side of life.


In September the school had organized a football tournament and each student was obliged to participate. It was at the tournament final that Daniel and Janette met. After the football game Daniel had gone to the canteen to pay for the food, that’s when on entering he knocked on the door and knocked Janette’s food, that’s when they looked at each other and it was love at first sight. Daniel apologized, they got to know each other, Janette congratulated him on his victory and Daniel invited him to dinner to celebrate his victory.


The next day, as planned Janette went to dinner, they had fun and got to know each other better, they continued to date until they fell in love with each other. They continued to be together until they finished high school.


Janette had a best friend named Divine. Divine was like a sister to Janette; they grew up together and had known each other since kindergarten. Divine was a daring, attractive, and, above all, very jealous girl of her friend. For her, her friend had always had everything she wanted in life; she had a mother who loved her very much and who spent time with her, while her mother was always busy and had never had time for her. She said that Janette was too lucky to have met a man like Daniel, who loved her dearly and cared for her, when all she did was meet guys who cheated on her and who never cared about taking care of her. She changed guys like clothes when her friend had known only one guy, who was Daniel, and she was very happy.


After high school, Daniel started working and studying because of the way he combined study and work. He was doing medicine because he wanted to be a doctor, and in the evenings he was an assistant at a clinic, so Daniel made new friends and spent a lot of time at school and at work with his colleagues.


Janette, for her part, had also continued with her studies and worked as a waitress in a restaurant. After a little while, they started having problems in their couple, like in normal couples—too many misunderstandings and such. Janette complained that Daniel no longer had time for her and preferred to spend time with his new friends, and that he no longer took care of her properly.


Janette confided in her best friend like good friends do. In reality, Divine has always been in love with Daniel and has always envied Janette and their relationship.


Like anyone else, Janette explained to her friend what was wrong with Daniel and how much Daniel had changed. Divine worked at the same clinic as Daniel, and they had become very close, so Janette asked Divine to talk to Daniel and start checking on him. The next day, when Divine saw Daniel, she changed the story by saying that Janette had confided in her and confessed to her that she was no longer in love with him and wanted to meet someone else. She told Daniel to promise not to tell Janette because Janette had made her swear not to tell him. Life went on like this. Daniel felt very bad to hear these kinds of things coming from the girl he loved most in the world, and like a gentleman, he called Janette and apologized for the distance he had created between them and had decided to work things out. Janette was also sorry, and they continued to be together. The fact that they got back together didn’t change the problem between them, and Janette couldn’t take it anymore. Daniel could spend the day without writing to Janette, and sometimes Janette could call him, but he could not answer the phone. and he gave reasons like he’s really busy, something he’d never done before, which upset Janette.


Janette calls her friend Divine again to confide in her and tell her what’s going on, and this one tells her that everything that happened is her fault because the time she went to talk to Daniel, Daniel had confessed to her that he was tired of Janette’s complaints and wanted to move on, and she adds that she never told her that because she didn’t want to hurt her. And Divine advises Janette to forget Daniel because, according to her, Daniel no longer loves her and he is dating someone else; she even adds that two days ago she had seen Daniel flirting with a patient at the clinic and going on a date with her. Janette, without taking the time to analyze the story, calls her boyfriend, tells him that she is aware of everything, and breaks off the relationship with him. Daniel tried to reach Janette, but it was completely impossible.


Daniel was planning a surprise for Janette; he wanted to propose to her. Daniel was really broken and couldn’t stand his girlfriend leaving him; he started drinking alcohol until he urinated on him, having a drunk day without eating or going to work. Divine takes advantage of his moments of weakness and gets even closer to Daniel; she comforts him, takes care of him, advises him, and tells him that it’s normal what happens to him and that Janette will very much regret having broken his heart. Daniel becomes closer and closer to Divine and begins to fall in love with her.


One evening, while they were playing a game, Divine kissed Daniel and confessed her feelings for him. Daniel told her that it was impossible for them to go out together because she is the best friend of her ex and that despite everything that had happened, Janette does not deserve to have this done to her. Divine cried a lot and ended up convincing Daniel. In real life, Divine was obsessed with Daniel and wanted to do everything possible to make him feel happy and loved.


After three months, Janette learned of her friend’s betrayal. She tried to get back in touch with Daniel to apologize and start their relationship over again, but this time Daniel didn’t want her anymore. Janette had not endured the pain of seeing her best friend and the man she loved go out together, she had decided to travel and go to another country where she had to start all over again.


A year later, Divine confessed to Daniel the whole truth about how she lied to Janette to leave him and go out with him because, from the first day she saw him, she knew she was the one woman in his life and that she was the only woman who could make him happy. Daniel was so angry because of what Divine had done in the past, but because love always wins, he decided to forgive her, and they contacted Janette and both asked for forgiveness.


Janette, for her part, had also found someone very nice and married him.

17 May, 2023