You Won’t See Them Coming

By Anastasia

I once thought I was a god. Long curly hair, sexy brown eyes. My height? Girls would drool over for my chiselled face and sculpted body. I must have been Hercules in my previous life, his aura still anoints me. My arms looked like they are loaded with rocks & my abs were as defined as the edges of a diamond. I swear they’ll cut my hand one of these days. What a fine specimen I was. God’s favorite creation. The Bible should have written that after he’d gotten enough rest the seventh day, he created me.

I’ve been writing in past tense this whole time; I’m guessing you’re expecting some big change to come, and you’d be right to think so. The world changed, but me? No. I’m still me. You think I’m a narcissist? You betcha! There’s war in the Ukraine, but I don’t mind, as long as I’m not involved. Yes, I said it, and don’t think I’m a bad person because of it. Most of us don’t care, unless we’re involved, right? Doesn’t it always hurt when it hits home? Well, in this case it doesn’t to all of you if you aren’t involved.

I am what I am because I can. It’s that simple. I am autonous, I belief in myself. I do what I want and no one tells me how to behave. There’s so much beauty and freedom in living life that way. I don’t see myself an out-law or a vigilante. I do abide by the notion that rules should be enforced by the government, but only to an extent. Beyond that, I drink what I like, smoke what I like, day or night, whenever I please. I am the master of my own fate.

What do you think keeps the leaders of countries to not abuse power? Let’s talk about those who turn a blind eye on the poor, but propagate “wokeness” whenever they can. Each day, more people are becoming homeless and they have themselves to blame, right? Yes. The basic assumption is that they’re homeless because they’re addicted. That’s the stereotype. “They’re junkies and they don’t care about themselves and if they don’t care then why should we?” Why should we?

But who made them addicts? Who is profiting from their addictions? Shouldn’t we do something about the government subsidizing big pharma manufacturing painkillers by the millions? Don’t we have a responsibility to understand addiction as an illness that should be treated? I think that sometimes when I see the homeless on the street, but then I wonder, should it be me to take action? It’s easy to forget about the problems outside when I crash on the sofa and turn on my grotesquely oversized flatscreen to watch the latest match.

These are my truths, and no one will take them away from me. At least I am honest, and if there’s one thing we need it’s honesty. More honesty, but not complete honesty. Imagine the US spilling all its secrets for the sake of honesty, would you think people will believe them? I don’t think so. We’re just puppets, slaves to our desires and to capitalism. Yes, I said it. Controversial take but you better listen to me because I am always right. Always.

Why does the government permit fast food restaurants to exist when their delicious food causes so many chronic diseases? Shouldn’t the number of calories a restaurant can serve per meal be regulated? But why should they do that if both restaurants and the pharmaceutical industry profit. And who’s affected the most? Of course, the lower middle class and the poor. But why should I care? If people want to waste away their bodies eating fast food, then it’s their freedom to do so. Their choice, their responsibility. They say you only live once. Ill support that notion.

And what about the impact of social media on mental health? Haven’t you noticed everybody glued to their screens, seeking validation through likes, retweets, shares, followers? Why does everybody seem to crave validation? We’ve allowed big tech to create an alternative reality where self-worth is determined by the numbers. Constant comparisons, filtered reality – how can this be anything but a breeding ground for depression and anxiety? I’ve always steered clear of any kind of technology that’s not my television, but can’t help but wonder about the young people who were practically raised by social media. What must their life be like, how do they see the world? And is there anybody trying to protect them, their mental health?

Can’t we draw conclusions from the fact that students graduate by the tens of thousands each year, only to become unemployed? Can we not conclude that educational institutions have become outdated and dusty, their ways of teaching lacking relevance to the real world? Why should we be studying subjects that everyone knows are redundant? Can’t the government anticipate economic trends better, and base policy on it, pointing us in the right direction?

But then again, why would they allow that? It’s always the poor who suffer the most. They’re the ones breathing in polluted air, living among the waste of the rich. Forests are being mowed down, I even read there’s a continent sized plastic island floating somewhere in the ocean that’s to big to do something about.

How can you do anything but surrender, sit back, and enjoy the show? It’s ironic: we’re talking about leaving a better world for the kids, but what are we doing? Buying more, wasting more, caring less, and the government doesn’t do shit. We, the mass population, are just statistics to them. Numbers to push political agendas. This world is controlled and most of us are chasing a fool’s errand. Not me though!

Well, you only live once. Question everything. Especially your life, thoughts and actions. My writing didn’t end the way you expected it, yes? Well, take it as a lesson: always expect the unexpected and question everything. We need more critical thinkers in this world.

11 October, 2023