Zororo/ Rest

By Ashley Simango

Shona, one of the many Zimbabwean languages 


A Pre-colonial language free from any bias 


It screams diversity, it shouts culture 


But more than anything, 


It is pregnant with meaning 


Meaning that took form in one simple word for me, ‘zororo’ 




Zororo, a word that is a world on its own 


The most direct translation being ‘rest’ 


Rest, peace, quiet, tranquility, that sums up ‘zororo’  


22 February 2023,


The most ironic day 


The sun had not even come out of hiding 


yet my tears were already flowing. 


With an unbelieving mind and shaky heart


 felt without peace, tranquility, l was restless,


 l was without zororo!


A day with and without this word 


A day with and without ‘zororo’ 




A day with and without ‘zororo’? 


A restless day it was indeed 


But he rested in peace! 


A day that was void of any peace 


But still, he rested in peace! 


The irony lay in that he who took the peace, rested in peace 


It is during days like the 22nd of February that l needed a word of courage 


I needed a word of motivation, l needed advice. 


As the southern Sotho speakers of Africa would have it, l needed Moeletsi, an advisor. 


An advisor to maybe bring back a bit of the peace 


An advisor to maybe bring back a bit of the tranquility 


Moeletsi, to bring back the ‘zororo’! 


22 March, 2023