Growing Pains

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Dear writer, all of our Reader/Advisor/Editors (RAEs) are working with other writers, and many more writers are already waiting—we have a hundred or so important new stories that we’ll publish soon on The GOAT PoL. That’s the good news! The bad news is that, until we’re done working with them, we can’t accept new writing from others, so you’ll have to wait. We will reopen our public submissions as soon as we can work with you.

You can keep track of our progress by checking the site’s list of “Most Recent stories” (top right, drop-down menu) and reading each new piece as we publish it. Please explore the site, too, and read some of the hundreds of important stories that we published during our first year. When you admire a story, you can let the writer know by sending a fan letter (just “click” on author’s name at the top of the story and choose “send a fan letter”).

The GOAT PoL is an open invitation to write and read together in a “polity of literature.” Please be patient and do some reading while we pause and adapt to our growing pains so that we can devise the best way forward. We’ll be working on it and publishing as well and swiftly as we can.

Thanks again for your support and your patience. We look forward to working with you soon.